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Returns informations about users, stored in mIRCs internal address book.

  • If both nick and N is supplied mIRC will think nick is supplied in wildcarded form. Thus returning the Nth entry in the address book.
  • If only N is used it will return the Nth entry. If N is 0 it will return the number of entries in the address book.
  • If only a nick is used it will return info about that nick.


  • nick will return the nick associated with an entry.
  • info will return the name field stored with a nick.
  • email will return the email address associated with nick.
  • website will return the website supplied with nick.
  • picture will return the full path to the picture you have assigned the user.
  • noteN will return the Nth note assigned to that users entry. N being a number.


We have added Dana to our address book. And can thus use the following:

//echo -a $abook(Dana).info  ;will return DDB v5 - #help.script servicebot by cmouse&k0sm0s
//echo -a $abook(Dana).website  ;will return http://script.quakenet.org/
//echo -a $abook(Dana).note2  ;will return the second note saved with her

//echo -a $abook(1).nick  ;will return Dana if she is number 1 and/or the only one in the address book.
//echo -a $abook(Dan*,1).nick  ;will return Dana since that is the first address book entry matching the given wildcard.

See also

  • Address Book for more information about the address book in general.
  • Abook for details on how to add people to the address book through commands.