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Returns the next $crlf delimited line or the number of bytes read into the specified binary variable, where M is the number of bytes to read.

$fread(name | N[,M, &binvar])

If you do not specify M and &binvar, it will return everything until the next $crlf.


At first, we have a file called moo.txt in our mircdir:


We've opened it with fopen moo moo.txt.

echo -a $fread(moo)

This will echo one to your active window, as the pointer is set to the begin of the first line and read until the end.

echo -a $fgetc(moo)
echo -a $fread(moo)

The first command will echo the first char of line two (t), the second one everything from this t to the end of the line, so: wo.

echo -a $fread(moo,5,&mybinvar)

This will echo 5, as 5 bytes (three, it's the entire third line) were read into the binvar called &mybinvar.