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Returns $true if the specified name is an alias that exists in your aliases or scripts.



  • fname - returns the filename in which the alias exists
  • alias - returns the alias definition


alias -l cow { say Cows go moo! }
alias fish {
  if (fishbot ison $active) say I love the smell of fish in the morning.
  else say I wish I could smell fish.

$isalias(cow)           returns $true since we have a cow alias.
$isalias(fish).fname    returns the filename in which the alias is saved or null if the alias doesn't exist.
$isalias(fish).alias    returns fish {
$isalias(cow).alias     returns cow -l { say Cows go moo! }

If the above $isalias() calls are being called from outside the same remote file as the cow alias mirc would return $false since cow is a local alias and the .alias property would return null.

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