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Returns the Nth nickname in your notify list or information about it.


$notify has the following properties:

Property Meaning
ison returns $true if this user is on IRC, $false if not.
note returns the optionally added note about this user.
sound returns the sound that will be played when this user joins/leaves IRC.
whois returns $true if mIRC will perform a /whois when this users joins, $false if not.
addr returns the address of this user, if it is on, else $false.


echo -a $notify(0)

This would echo the total number of nicknames in your notify list to your active window.

echo -a $notify(1).addr

This would echo the address of the first user in your notify list, if it is on, else it would bring an error.

echo -a $notify(Dana)

It echos the Nth position of nickname Dana in the notify list.

See Also

  • /notify to add or remove someone from your notify list.