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Replaces any occurrence of substring in string with newstring.


You can also specify multiple replace parameters.

Note that if you have specified multiple replace parameter, it replaces one after another (see examples below). To avoid this, you can use $replacex.

$replacecs is the case-sensitive version of $replace.


; at first set an example text.
var %mytext = This is a test
; here we actually replace a substring
var %mynewtext = $replace(%mytext,is,MOO)
; echo the new text to the active window
echo -a %mynewtext

This example will echo ThMOO MOO a test, as all occurences of the substring is were replaced with MOO'.

var %mytext = This is a test
var %mynewtext = $replace(%mytext,is,MOO,mo,foo)
echo -a $replace(%mytext,is,MOO)

This on will echo ThfooO fooO a test as at first, all is were replaced with MOO and after that, all 'MO' were replaced with foo.

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