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Returns the selected line in a window listbox.

$sline(@window, line)[.ln]
  • @window is the custom window with a listbox to look in. The window MUST have a listbox.
  • Line is the line number to retrieve. In other words, the Nth selected line.
  • Returns: The Nth selected line in @Window
    • If the .ln property is specified, it will return the line number in the window that the Nth selected line is on.
    • If N=0, returns the total number of selected lines.


There are $sline(@mywindow,0) lines selected in @mywindow.
The 5th selected line is: $sline(@mywindow,5)

This is re-invinting the wheel to demonstrate .ln

The 5th selected line is: $line(@mywindow,$sline(@window,5).ln)

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