Anti-Channel Advertisement

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The following is a quick script created to punish users for advertising their channel if they are not voices or higher.

alias -l channels { 
  ; Put each channel you wish to protect here, seperated by a comma
  return #MyChannel1,#MyChannel2
alias -l punish {
  ; Put the command to perform when someone advertises here, the default is a five minute ban
  ; $regml(1) is the first channel advertised. 
   ban -ku300 $chan $nick 2 Advertising $regml(1)
; This is the event
on @*:TEXT:*:$($channels): {
  ; Checks if the text matches the regular expression, and executes the punishment if they are regular users on the channel
  if ($nick isreg # && $regex($1-,/(?: |^)( $+ $chantypes $+ \S+)\b(?: |$)/)) punish