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How to auth, safe but easy with Q on QuakeNet?

This little snippet makes use of the serverside alias 'AUTH' on QuakeNet

Place it in remote, press alt+r, probably best in a new file, so File > New.

alias auth {
  if ($network != QuakeNet) || (* !iswm $server) {
    !echo -egst *** This is not QuakeNet!
  !echo -egst *** Attempting to AUTH with Q from $server $chr(91) $+ $serverip $+ $chr(93)
  !editbox -s //!.quote AUTH $$!?*="account & password"

Everytime you want to auth with Q, switch to the status window and type /auth, and the auth command will be placed ready for you in the editbox. Hit enter fill in username and password, in the same box, do not forget to put a space between the username and password.

In case you already have an alias named auth, change the 'alias auth {' part to, for example, 'alias qauth {' and type /qauth instead.