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QuakeNet is an IRC network, built around the gaming community, and is an organisation that facilitates the communication of many teams and online organisations. Though originally founded as a chat network for gamers, by gamers, QuakeNet welcomes everyone to chat about anything (within its rules). QuakeNet is also currently the largest chat network in the world, with a peak usercount each week of around 180,000 to 190,000 users (as listed by

IRC stands for 'Internet Relay Chat', and is a means for people to talk together in a text-based, real-time environment on the internet.

It has proven itself more popular than other chat systems, and more sophisticated, due in part to the ability to allow people to set up and keep their own rooms, or 'channels'. Almost all IRC server software is open source, therefore even servers are available to anyone to set up. IRC networks are comprised of many linked servers, this means that when talking on the chat network, you can select a server closest to you and still talk to someone connected to a server on the other side of the world (as long as those servers are part of the same network, such as QuakeNet).Due to the nature and availability of IRC software and the protocols, IRC is controlled by no one person or organisation.

Whilst the vast majority of users on QuakeNet are gamers, QuakeNet is not limited to gaming-related topics, and we welcome all users who abide by our rules.

It's very simple to join in the fun. All you need is an IRC 'client' (such as mIRC from, you can then reach QuakeNet by selecting "QuakeNet: random server" from the server list, or by connecting directly to a server listed at

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