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  • Raw 404 This is returned when a message to a channel is blocked by a channel mode or ban
  • Raw 411 This is returned when no target is specified for the command, such as PRIVMSG and NOTICE
  • Raw 412 This is returned when using PRIVMSG or NOTICE without text to send
  • Raw 413 This is returned when using $<mask> as target (broadcast) in PRIVMSG or NOTICE commands
  • Raw 414 This is returned when a wildcard is in the toplevel domain in <mask>
  • Raw 439 This is returned when changing target and you have no free targets left
  • Raw 486 This is returned when sending a PRIVMSG to a user with usermode +R set while you are not registered or an IRC Operator
  • Raw NOTICE This shows when a notice is send. target can be you or a channel you are in. target can also be a $(mask) making it a roadcast.

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