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mIRC has an internal userlist in which you can give nicks (respectivly address) a certain level. The level can either be a number or a word, this is totally up to you. To open your user list, you have to press alt + u + r. The format of this list is:

<level>:<nick|address> [note]

Note that every entry has to be on a new line.

For example:

10:Q This is Q!

The usage of this Userlist is obvious: it is used to limit the access of certain events to only some users (take a look at access levels for more detailed information).

Note that you can't add Q-auths to the userlist in any way, however you could use the note field of every user to save information about it, e.g. the Q-auth.

Modifying the Userlist

Basically, you could modify it manually, opening the user list and adding or removing lines there. However, you can do it via commands do. To add a user, take a look at /auser or /guser, to remove one, use /ruser. Additionally, you can modify the note of a user using the /iuser command.

Receiving information from the Userlist

Of course, you can also receive the information:

  • Use $level to get the level of a certain nick or address.
  • Use $ulist to get all kinds of information about your userlist and its entried.

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