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This command is used to queue DNS look ups. It can also be used for reverse DNS look ups. It is beyond the scope of the script wiki to explain a DNS.

/dns -c

Clears the current queue of addresses to resolve, not including the one currently at the top of the queue (the one being resolved)


Lists all currently queued addresses to be resolved.

/dns [-h] <address|nick>

Queues the given address (or nick's address) for resolving

  • -h specifies a host name. Otherwise, a host will be assumed if there are letters and at least one "." in the given parameter
  • <address|nick> is the address or nick to look up
    • If a nick name is given (No "." present) then the user's address will be looked up via /userhost and queued for resolving.
    • If a host name is given, mIRC will queue it for resolving to an IP address
    • If an IP is given, mIRC will attempt a reverse-DNS look up to resolve it to a host name.

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