How to press a key using an alias

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With this alias, you are able to "send keys" to the active window, which doesnt have to be mIRC. For descriptions of all the keys, see:

You will have to paste this script into the 'Remote' section of mIRC's script editor.

alias sendkey {
 set -l %name sendkeys $+ $ticks
 .comopen %name WScript.Shell
 .comclose %name $com(%name,SendKeys,3,bstr,$1-)


sendkey {TAB}

This sends the "Tab"-Key to the active window (using the alias specified above). It is the same as if you'd press the "Tab"-Key on your keyboard.

sendkey +(ab)c

This would send "ABc" to the active window, as +(ab) means 'shift' and 'a' and 'b' and a lone 'c' after that.