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Warning: These values may be outdated for mIRC v6.32. Updated and confirmed sections are marked with (Updated)

This page explains various limits imposed by mIRC, however this may not be a complete list. The length is measured in bytes (equivalent to ASCII characters, includes spaces.)

Credit for this information goes to Saturn unless otherwise specified.

You can find the original limits page here.


NameLengthWhen exceededDescription
Global limits (Updated)
Line Length Limit
4150Truncated or errorTo be precise: 4150 for evaluation results, 4151 for command lines (excluding command prefixes.)
(local or global)
4150UnsetThis limit includes the variable's name. Example: using "%a" as a name uses 3 bytes (2 for the name and 1 for a space.)
This means that for every extra character in the variable name, the maximum length of the value is reduced.
Note: the /set command further reduces the length limit to 9144 due to the 4 characters used by "set ". (LLL) [Credit: Daveoh]
IRC server specific
Incoming lines601TruncatedExcludes CR/LF.
Outgoing linesLLLTruncated
Joined channel names255Parted immediatelyIncludes channel prefix.
Channel keys90Truncated
Addresses90TruncatedThe part of the full address after the "!"; only with JOIN/QUIT messages, addresses from WHO replies are not truncated.
Server passwords50TruncatedAs associated with server entries
Incoming PING argument24No reply sentFirst character must be a digit; leading spaces ignored.
Socket name90Error
Send buffer16384ErrormIRC's own buffers, not WinSock's.
Receive buffer4096Receipt stallsmIRC's own buffers, not WinSock's.
Socket markLLLNot 512 as the helpfile says.
Hashtable name90Truncated
Hashtable size10000ErrorIn number of buckets
EditboxLLL-1SentEditbox is cleared afterwards, similar to pressing Enter.
Dialog name90Truncated
Line of text998SplitExcluding CR/LF. Applies to all file-related commands/identifiers. [Credit: qwerty]