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Loads the specified number of lines from the end of the file of filename into the specified window.

/loadbuf [lines] [-apirslecNnomt<topic>] <window | dialog id> <filename>


-aloads the text into the active window.
-pforces lines of text to wrap when added to the window.
-imakes sure that lines are indented if they wrap.
-rclears the contents of the output window.
-sapply the command to the status window.
-lapplies the command to the side-listbox in a custom window.
-eevaluates variables and identifiers in the line being read.
-cNspecifies the default color for lines.
-nlogs the loaded text to a log file, if logging is enabled for that window.
-mto be used with -n, indicates that the text is already timestamped.
-oindicates that you have specified [dialog id] parameters instead of a window name in order to load text into a custom dialog control.
-tloads the text under the [topic] section in an INI or plain text file.


/loadbuf 20 @test info.txt

This loads the last 20 lines of info.txt into custom window @test.

/loadbuf 10-40 @test info.txt

This loads lines 10 to 40 of info.txt into custom window @test.

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