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On Chat and On Serv trigger when a data is received via a DCC Chat or DCC FServe.

on <level>:CHAT:<matchtext>:<commands>
on <level>:SERV:<matchtext>:<commands>

These events trigger in the same way On text triggers for regular private message except you do not need to specify a target.


When you're trying to reply to a message sent via a DCC window you need to prefix the nickname with an = sign. See below examples.


on *:CHAT:Hello: {
  msg =$nick Hi $nick $+ , how are you?
on *:SERV:quit: {
  msg =$nick Thanks for using my fileserver, bye!
  close -f $nick

See Also

  • On text - Information about how the match text is triggered.
  • $cd - Current Directory of a File Serv