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The on START event triggers the first time a script file is ever loaded and also every time after that, including when mIRC is started.

on <level>:START:<commands>

You can use this event as a point of initialization for the script to run commands which are needed before use (e.g. creating and loading data in hash tables, initializing variables, loading dialogs, connecting to several servers, updating some stats, etc.).


on *:START: { 
  echo -s Connecting to QuakeNet
  server irc.quakenet.org:6667

This example would make mIRC connect to QuakeNet whenever you start it.

on *:START:{
  hmake table 10
  if ($isfile(table.hsh)) { hload table table.hsh }

This example creates a hash table when the script is started and, if the file "table.hsh" exists, loads that file into the table.

See Also

  • On load event - triggers when a script file is loaded for the first time.