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* [[:Category:Identifiers|Identifiers]]
* [[:Category:Identifiers|Identifiers]]
* [[:Category:Custom Identifiers|Custom Identifiers]]
* [[Custom Identifiers]]
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[[Category:Aliases]] [[Category:Commands]]

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Halts a currently executing script and allows the calling routine to continue processing.

/return [value]

You can also optionally specify a return value which will be stored in the $result identifier. The $result can then be used in the calling routine.

Value is optional. If identifiers doesn't return any existing value, the return $null by default.


var %c = 1
while (%c <= 10) {
  echo -a %c
  if (%c == 5) { return }
  inc %c

Echos values from 1 to 5.

alias foo { return Today, it's the $asctime(dd.mm.yyyy) }
/echo -a $foo

This will echo 'Today, it's the <current date>', as $foo returns it.

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