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Sets the value of %variable to the specified value.

/set [-lsnzuN] <%variable> [value]
Switch Meaning
uN Unsets %var after N seconds, as long as %var isn't set again. If N is 0, it is unset when script finishes.
k Keeps the current -uN setting for a variable.
n Treats value as plain text.
z Decreases %var by 1 per second until it reaches zero, and then unsets it.
e Unsets the variable when mIRC exits.
l Sets %var as a local variable, same as using /var (Deprecated, use /var)
s Gives an output: * Set %var to value.


set %fuu bar
set %moo $+ %fuu 42

This will set %fuu to bar and then set %moobar to 42, as the variable %fuu will first be evaluated to bar.

echo -a This is fuu: %fuu

Will echo This is fuu: bar

Note: The variable %fuu is automatically evaluated in a /set or /var command when it is part of the variable name, however elsewhere the variable must be evaluated using either $eval or evaluation brackets, e.g.

if (%moo [ $+ [ %fuu ] ] == 42)
if ($($+(%,moo,%fuu),2) == 42)
set -u3 %fuu bar

This will set %fuu to bar and unset it after 3 seconds.

set -s %fuu 3

This will set %fuu to 3 and give an output to the active window: * Set %fuu to 3

See Also

  • /var sets a local variable.
  • /unset unsets a variable.
  • /unsetall unsets all variable from the variable list.