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A Microsoft Agent is the technical name for the little animated characters that Microsoft some times uses to help you with an application. For example, the little wizard when setting up Windows XP, or the paper clip in Microsoft Word. mIRC offers some commands to manipulate the Microsoft Agents for use in a script.


The following commands and identifiers allow you to communicate with other DDE-enabled applications.


mIRC Help

mIRC Help is based on mIRC's own help file.

It basically covers everything what can be found from the original help, but is commented and expanded with wiki staff members' knowledge, tutorials and scripting examples.

Syntax used in the help pages (and generally in all scripting/coding in the world):

  • [ ] mean an optional parameter.
  • < > mean a required parameter.
  • a|b means either a or b (sometimes / is used aswell).
  • -abc mean the possible switches

Before adding or modifying anything in here, read the general editing guidelines.

Script Archives

The Script Archive's purpose is to provide examples of how to use certain mIRC or ircd features. Before you try to use those scripts you should read them and make sure that you understand how they work. The comments in these scripts should help you with that.


Our tutorials aim to provide a step-by-step introduction to various mIRC scripting related topics.