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Changes or receives the topic of the channel.

/topic <#channel> [:[newtopic]]
  • #channel is a comma seperated list of one or more channels.
  • newtopic is the topic you want to set.

Using /topic without last parameter receives the topics of all specified channels.

With the last parameter, you set the topic of all specified channels. If chanmode +t is set, you need to be an operator (+o) to do this.

When re-setting the same topic, the change is only shown to you and for whom it changes, which allows resynching the topic without showing unneeded topic changes.


topic #help.script,#quakenet

Retrieves the current topic on #help.script and #quakenet.

topic #help.script $cr
quote topic #help.script :

Are two different ways of clearing the topic on #help.script.

topic #help.script Welcome to #help.script

Sets the topic on #help.script to Welcome to #help.script.

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