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Screenshot of the gameplay


Download the .mrc from


The game

Singleplayer mode is only for debugging and testing, not actually to play. This game is meant to be played as multiplayer, where other player starts a server (whites), and other connects to this server (blacks)

Server and connecting

Two connection types are available, sockets and through IRC with /notice or /msg Connection type must be same on both players, the one starting a server must start a server using sockets (default), or from server dialog select IRC and input the other players nick (in active server connection)

The connecting player must then select the same connection method from the connect dialog, and input the servers IP (sockets) or NICK (IRC), note that the same PORT must be used on both clients.

=== Implemented rules === (read more about the rules from wikipedia)

All the pieces move correctly, and you cannot make a move that wouldn't go by the rules. Pawn can perform en passant move, and if advanced to the 8th rank (other side of the board), it gets promoted to queen,rook,bishop,knight of the same color. King and rook can perform castling move, if all the requirements are met, selecting king will highlight the rook, if then clicked on the rook, the castling is performed. IF king is in check, the game will show the selectiong borders in squares you cannot move, but won't let you move there if you try.

Mouse & menus

You select pieces by clicking them, and move them by clicking on the target square, clicking the selected piece will de-select it. You'll find last move from bottom right hand side of the board, clicking it will append the log-window on the right side, where you will see 40 (with 100px squares) or 24 (60px squares) last moves, doubleclicking a move in the log-window will highlight the move on the board. Right clicking anywhere brings you a popup-menu, where you will always find options and help, if in game, also save & load are in this menu. If in multiplayer mode, there's also "send msg", from where you can send a message to other players infobar (bottom left hand side on the board). Right clicking on the log menu let's you save the log.

Saving & loading

You can save and load your gamestate, the game will create 2 files into your /chess-folder and There will be notification for you, if the opponent loads a game, telling you what game he/she loaded.


Logging format: let's you choose the logging format between "International (Pe2xf1Q+)" and "New (P E2->F1 Q take+check)" Square size: Width & height of the squares in the board in pixels. IRC send method: Uses /msg OPPONENT or /notice OPPONENT to send information if connected via IRC. Selection frames: Switch on/off showing of the borders in squares where you can move.