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The following commands allow you to manipulate the lines in a custom window.

/aline [color] <@name> <text>     add line to list
/cline [color] <@name> <N>        changes the color of the Nth line to color C
/dline [color] <@name> <N[-N2]>   delete Nth line through N2th line
/iline [color] <@name> <N> <text> insert line at Nth line
/rline [color] <@name> <N> <text> replace Nth line
/sline [color] <@name> <N>        select Nth line

Note: These commands only works for custom windows


-s switch selects the line that was just added and clears the current selections.
-a switch selects a line without clearing the current selections.
-h switch highlights the window's button if it's currently minimized.
-p switch forces the line of text to be wrapped if it's too long to fit on one line.
-r switch is used with /cline to reset a nickname color in a channel listbox to the default color.
-i switch is used with /aline and /iline to indent a newly added line.
-n switch is used with /aline and /iline to prevent a line from being added if it exists.
-m switch is used with /cline when coloring nicknames in a channel nicklist, and makes mIRC also color the nick in channel messages.
-l switch makes the command apply to a side-listbox of a window


Make a custom window @test and add a line "test1" in the default color and another line "test2" in color 3.

window -e @test
aline @test test1 
aline 3 @test test2

Change the color of line 1 to color 4, and change the color of line 2 to the default color.

cline 4 @test 1
cline @test 2

Insert "test3" between line 1 and 2 in color 5. Since line 6 doesn't exist, the second command just adds the line "test4" to the window, like /aline.

iline 5 @test 2 test3
iline @test 6 test4

Replace line 2 with "test5", and delete lines 3 and further.

rline @test 2 test5
dline @test 3-