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Returns name if connection is open, or name of Nth connection. N = 0 returns number of open connections.


Returns value of the specified variable name.


This calls a member of an open COM connection with the specified method and parameters.


After you have opened a COM connection or made a call to $com() you can use the following forms of $com():

name   - connection name.
member - member name.
method - Combination of the following values added together:
         1 = DISPATCH_METHOD
type   - the variable type, can be: i1, i2, i4, ui1, ui2, ui4, int, uint, r4, r8, cy, date, decimal, bool, bstr, variant, dispatch, unknown, error.
         VB equivalents are: boolean, byte, currency, date, double, integer, long, single, string, variant.
         To make a variable by reference, use * in the type name, eg. i1*
         To assign a name to a variable for later reference after a call, append it to the type, eg. i1* varname
         When using a variant you must also specify the variable type after it, eg. variant bool.
value  - the value assigned to the variable type.
         Returns: 1 = ok, 0 = fail.