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This command sets an image as a background for a given window

/background [-abemsdluhcfnrtpx] [window] [image path]
  • Switches
    • Target Specifiers
      • -a specifies the active window
      • -m specifies the "main mIRC window" - the parent window which encompasses all of the channel and custom windows
      • -s specifies the status window for the active network
      • -d specifies a single message window
      • -l specifies a toolbar
      • -u specifies a button on a toolbar
      • -h specifies the switchbar
      • -b specifies the treebar
    • Options
      • -e sets the image as the default image for all windows of this type
      • -x removes the background image
  • Window is the window name which you would like to edit the background image for, if you did not specify the window via a switch
  • Image path is the path to the image you wish to set as the background


background -s C:\Images\Status_Background.bmp
background -ea C:\Images\Channel_Background.bmp 
background #help.script C:\Images\Help_Background.bmp

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