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This is a summary of #help.script's rules, please abide by these rules. Offenders will be punished at a channel op's discretion.

  • §1 Any interference with #help.script´s staff, services, or work is forbidden.
  • §2 Repeating, flooding or spamming is not allowed except under the permission of a staff member.
  • §3 Any harassment, fighting or foul language in #help.script is forbidden.
  • §4 Begging, advertising, or asking for others to join channels; or to visit websites is forbidden.
  • §5 Using any disruptive script is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to; away scripts, MP3 scripts, on join messages and triggers.
  • §6 Distribution of, or asking for, warez and/or warez distribution sites is strictly forbidden.
  • §7 Excess use of capital letters, use of control codes and channel-wide notices or ctcps is forbidden.
  • §8 Sending private messages to the channel staff without permission is forbidden.
  • §9 Do not violate network rules