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Loads the specified alias, popup, or script.

/load <-a|-pscqnm|-ruvsN> <filename>

If you try to load a file that is already loaded, it's contents are updated and it's position in the alias/script processing order is maintained.

You can also use the /reload command with the same parameters to reload a file without triggering the on start/load events in the script being loaded.

If you specify the N with /load -rsN, this loads/reloads the script into the Nth position in the script list.

Note: You can only load one section at a time.


-a (aliases)

-p (popups)

  • -s (status)
  • -c (channel)
  • -q (query)
  • -n (nick list)
  • -m (menu bar)

-r (remotes)

  • -u (users)
  • -v (variables)
  • -s[N] (script [at Nth position])


/load -a aliases.ini        loads an aliases file
/load -ps status.ini        loads a status window popup
/load -pc status.ini        loads a channel popup
/load -pq status.ini        loads a query popup
/load -pn status.ini        loads a nickname list popup
/load -pm status.ini        loads a menubar popup
/load -ru users.ini         loads a users file
/load -rv vars.ini          loads a variables file
/load -rs script.ini        loads a scripts file

See Also

  • /save - Saves a popup or remote users/variables file.