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This Wiki

Welcome to QuakeNet's Official Scriptwiki! This wiki provides you with all the necessary information to write your own scripts in mIRC's scripting language, and also offers a number of tutorials and pre-made scripts designed to make your daily life on QuakeNet easier.

In contrast to many other wikis, normal users aren't allowed to make changes to this wiki. This way, we can ensure a certain level of quality. You are totally free to read the material, but if you want to contribute to this wiki, you have to ask an admin on #help.script to add you.

Script Archive

You can find several prefabricated scripts in our Script Archive, which serve as examples and can be used to build more complex scripts.

mIRC help

If you're not sure how a command or an identifier works, you can check it from our mIRC Help pages.


Our tutorials aim to provide a step-by-step introduction to various mIRC scripting related topics.

This wiki is a project launched by #help.script on QuakeNet.