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Returns the ascii number of the character C.



echo -a $asc(A) ; returns 65.

To get the ascii value of a character, just type:

//echo -a $asc($?)

Type the character you want the ascii value of in the prompt and press enter. This is necessary as you can't use something like 'echo -a $asc(,)', as mIRC would think the comma is seperating parameters and so return '* Too many parameters: $asc'.

Little snippet

You can also use an alias to find out ASCII value of char(s), usage: /ascii ab a = 97, b = 98

alias ascii { 
 var %x = 1,%y 
 while (%x <= $len($1-)) { 
   var %y = %y $mid($1-,%x,1) = $asc($mid($1-,%x,1)) $+ $chr(44) 
   inc %x 
 echo -a $left(%y,-1) 

See Also

  • $chr returns the character of an ascii number.