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Dialogs created with $dialog() are modal, ie. they halt the script until the dialog is closed, they return a value, and they don't allow access to other windows while the dialog is open. These types of dialogs should only be displayed for immediate user input. The $dialog() identifier works the same way as other identifiers:

 %result = $dialog(name,table[,parent])

Where name is the name by which you'll refer to the dialog, table is the dialog table name used to create dialog (see below), and parent is the parent window of the dialog, this can be a window name, or:
-1 = Desktop window
-2 = Main mIRC window
-3 = Currently active window
-4 = Currently active dialog
if no dialog is open, defaults to -3 behaviour.

Note: This type of dialog cannot be called from a remote script event.

You can also use the $dialog(name/N) identifier to list any open dialogs, where N returns the Nth open dialog. If N is zero, the total number of open dialogs is returned.

$dialog() also supports these properties:

x,y,w,h	returns the size and position of the dialog
cw,ch	returns width and height of client area of dialog
title	returns the title of the dialog
modal	returns $true if the dialog is modal, otherwise $false
table	returns the dialog table that the dialog is using

ok	returns the id of the Ok button if you specified one
cancel	returns the id of the Cancel button if you specified one
result	returns the id of the Result button if you specified one
focus	returns id of control that currently has focus
tab	returns id of tab that is currently displayed
active	returns $true if dialog is the active window, otherwise $false
hwnd	returns dialog window handle