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Returns the settings and values of controls in a dialog, or the id of the object an event was performed on in an On dialog event.

  • Returns the ID of the object of a dialog event.

The following $did() properties are supported:

text	 returns line or Nth line
      $did(id) is same as $did(id).text
len	 returns length of line or length of Nth line
lines	 returns number of lines
sel	 returns Line Number of Nth selected line
      if  N is 0, returns number of selected lines
seltext	 returns selected text in an editbox or first selected item in a listbox
selstart returns select start character in editbox line
selend	 returns select end character in editbox line
edited	 returns $true if text in editbox was changed
state	 returns 0 = off, 1 = on, and 2 = indeterminate
next	 returns id of next control in tab key order
prev	 returns id of previous control in tab key order
visible	 returns $true if the control is visible, otherwise $false
enabled	 returns $true if the control is enabled, otherwise $false
isid	 returns $true if id exists in the dialog, otherwise $false
csel	 returns line number of Nth checked box in a listcb control
      if N is 0, returns number of checked lines
cstate	 returns 0 = off, 1 = on for item in a listcb control

You can access the edit control in a combobox by using 0 as the N value.

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