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Adds or removes an address/nick to/from your autovoice list.

/avoice [-rw] <on|off|nick/address> [#channel1,#channel2,...] [type] [network]

If someone is on your autovoice list, you would give the user voice everytime he joins the specified channel / any channel (if no channel was specified).

To turn automatically voice on, use /autovoice on, to turn it off /autovoice off.

You can use the following switches:

Switch Meaning
r removes someone from the autovoice list
w makes the auto-voice apply to every network

If you do not specify a type then only the users nickname is used. If you specify a type then the users address is looked up via the server.

Note that this is far better than using an On join event, as this would flood you off the server if many people join, e.g. after a netsplit.


avoice Dana!dana@staff.quakenet.org #help.script

This would autovoice Dana everytime she joins #help.script.

avoice -r Dana!dana@staff.quakenet.org

This example would remove Dana from your autovoice list.

avoice Dana

If you use this command, you would voice a user with the nickname Dana in every channel you are operator. Note, that this is very unsecure as everyone can use the nickname Dana if it's "free".

See Also

  • $avoice to receive information about your autovoice list.
  • /aop for auto-op.