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The following characters are recognized in the format parameter string.

Year            yy     99
                yyyy   1999
Month           m      1
                mm     01
                mmm    Jan
                mmmm   January
Day             d      1
                dd     01
                ddd    Mon
                dddd   Monday
Hours           h      5
                hh     05
                H      13
                HH     13
Minutes         n      1
                nn     01
Seconds         s      1
                ss     01
AM/PM           t      a/p
                tt     am/pm
                T      A/P
                TT     AM/PM
Ordinal         oo     st/nd/rd/th
Timezone        z      +0
                zz     +0000
                zzz    +0000 GMT

To get the name of the day of a specific date, take a look at this script.

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