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The Color command is used to change default colors for items, and the color index. For example, how mIRC interprets 0x03 + 1 can be changed from the default "Black" color to any RGB color.

All of what this command does can be accessed through the dialog in mIRC by pressing alt+k

Note: This does NOT change how OTHER people interpret color codes. Only how your mIRC does so.

/color [-lrs] [schema]

This usage of /color controls pre-set values for the color index.

  • -l reloads the colors from the mIRC INI file, in case something was changed by an external program or script.
  • -rN sets the Nth color index back to its original setting. For example "/color -r1" would set 1 back to black.
  • -s changes color schemes to the specified scheme.
/color <index> <RGB>

This changes a color index to the given RGB value, for example changing black to blue: color 1 $rgb(0,0,255)

/color <name> <index>

This changes the color of an item to the given index color, for example changing action text (/me) to black: /color action text 1