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Scriptwiki is a free encyclopedia based on [MediaWiki] under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). As you might think, Scriptwiki cannot be edited by anyone. Only carefully chosen editors and admins are able to publish new articles and modify existing ones.

Articles are based on mIRC's help file and we are trying to reproduce its structure and expand it with examples and tutorials. Only the commands' basic syntax and the category structures are copied from the original mIRC help file and therefore every article is mainly consisting of the authors's own knowledge.

We cannot guarantee that the Scriptwiki is free from errors. It is constructed with voluntary work and users' own will.

Copying and Copyrights

Do not copy or use without permission. This wiki is for personal use only. Note that mIRC is a registered trademark.

We are in no way responsible for what might happen to you even if you blow up your house using our scripts.

Unless stated otherwise the articles and/or images are the property of their respective creators.