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This command controls the window edit box, and can be used to manipulate the text inside. (An editbox is the place where text is typed in a window, for example where you would type your message)

/editbox [-safnopbNeNvqNc] [window] <text>

Choosing your window

  • -s specifies status window
  • -a specifies the active window
  • you can use [window] to give a specific window name
    • If the window is a DCC chat, prefix it with =
  • -f sets the focus to the editbox of the specified window
  • -p appends a space to the end of the text
  • -n will press enter after the text has been entered
  • -o specifies the second editbox, if the given window has two
  • -bNeN will select text in the edit box, starting at b and ending at e
    • To select characters 5-10, /editbox -b5e10 #help.script This text will be highlighted
  • -v prevents the content from being changed
  • -qN enables, disables, or toggles (on/off) the second edit box.
  • -c clears the editbox Note: This is undocumented functionality and may be removed in future versions

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