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The firewall command is used to set how mIRC accesses the internet. It can be set to use a SOCKS4, SOCKS5, or Proxy server. It is beyond the scope of the script wiki to explain these protocols.

firewall [-cmN[+|-]d] [on|off]
  • With no parameters, firewall displays the current status/settings of the firewall.
  • -c will clear the user and password fields for the current firewall settings.
  • -m is used to specify connection type
    • -m4 specifies SOCKS4
    • -m5 specifies SOCKS5
    • -mp specifies Proxy
  • +d specifies that DCCs are to use the firewall settings (Thus making them indirect).
  • -d specifies that DCCs are not to use the firewall settings (They will remain direct connections).
  • [on|off] specifies whether or not to use the firewall settings. If not, a direct connection will be made.
firewall <address> <port> [user] [pass]

This command is used to change the firewall settings

Note: All flags previously shown can be used here, before <address>. If the firewall is off, changing the settings will not enable it, you will need to specify "on" on before the settings.

  • Address is the host/ip of the computer to connect through.
  • Port is the port of the computer to connect through.
  • User and Pass are optional, and are only needed if the server you are trying to connect through requires it for authentication


  • Lists firewall settings.
firewall -m5+d on my.socks5.server 4078
  • Connects through a SOCKS5 server on "my.socks5.server", port 4078, with no authentication. Uses this server for DCC as well.
firewall -mp-d on my.proxy.server 4078 user pass
  • Connects through a Proxy server on "my.socks5.server", port 4078, authenticates with user/pass. Does not use this server for DCC.
firewall off
  • Disables firewall settings, creating direct connections.
firewall on
  • Enables the firewall using the previously saved settings.