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This command flashes the specified mIRC window if mIRC is not the active application. If mIRC is the active application, this command will have no effect.

/flash [-bNwNrN] [window] <text>
  • All switches are optional and can be used together.
    • -bN will cause the beep sound to play N times.
    • -wN will cause the flash sound (set in the Event Beeps section of mIRC Options) to play N times.
    • -rN will cause the mIRC to flash N times.

Note: In all the above cases, if N is not given, the event will continue until mIRC is active.

  • Window is the window to flash the text in. If a window is not specified, the entire mIRC parent window will be used.
  • Text is the text to flash in the title bar of the specified window.


flash -b5r2 Hi! Look at mIRC! I'm flashing twice and beeping five times!