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Finds, sets or deactivates G:lines. G:lines are used to ban certain users from the whole IRC network.

/gline [!]+/-ident@host [target] <duration> :reason


/gline ident@host

ident@host is the hostmask which you want to set a G:line on. If you use the second syntax the ircd will return any G:lines which might affect the given hostmask. You can also specify a channel instead of a hostmask, if you want to set a G:line on a channel. If you want to set a wide G:line you will have to use the ! prefix in front of the hostmask.

If you do not set a target, the G:line will be set locally. Use * to set a G:line on all ircds which are connected to the network.

Duration is the G:line's duration in seconds.

Note that you can use this command only if you are opered up.


/gline +*@evil.users * 3600 :don't be evil :)

Sets a g:line on *@evil.users which will expire in one hour.

/gline cow@evil.users

Checks whether someone who has the hostmask cow@evil.users would be affected by any G:lines.

/gline -*@evil.users * 3600 :anything

Deactivates the G:line.

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