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This command is used to give a Microsoft Agent text to say using text-to-speech.

gtalk [-kwlu] <name> <text | <wavefile [text]>
  • Optional switches control technical details about the agent
    • -k will cause the agent to think the text (in a little thought bubble) but not speak it.
    • -w species that you have a wave file to play. Note you can also specify text after the wave file name that will be shown in the balloon while the wave file plays.
    • -l applies the lexicon set in the lexicon dialog in mIRC Options to the text.
    • -u applies the speech settings set in the speech options dialog.
  • Name is the name of the agent specified when it was loaded
  • The final parameter is what the agent should say.
    • If text is specified, it will speak it using text-to-speech.
    • If a wave file is specified, this file will be played. You may also specify text after the wave file name that will be displayed in the balloon.


The following "tags" can be used in the text to edit various settings about the way the agent speaks

\spd=n\ set speed of spoken text to N
\pit=n\ set pitch of spoken text to N
\vol=n\ set volume of spoken text to N
\chr="<normal|monotone|whisper>"\ set type of spoken text to normal, monotone, or whisper
\ctx="<address|email|unknown>"\ set formatting of text in bubble to address, email, or unknown type
\emp\ emphasize next word
\pau=n\ pause speech N milliseconds (1/1000th of a second, 1000 ms = 1 second)
\rst\ reset settings to default

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