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Saves a table to a file.

/hsave -sbnioau <name> <filename> [section]

Saves plain text to a text file, with item and data on separate lines. $cr and $lf characters are stripped from text when saving as plain text.

Using the -s switch makes the command display the result (e.g. * Saved hash table 'users' to 'users.dat')

The -b switch saves binary files. $cr and $lf are preserved when saving as binary files.

You can use -n to save files as data only, with no items.

The -o switch overwites an existing file, and -a appends to an existing file.

By default hsave excludes items that are in the /hadd -uN unset list, the -u switch forces it to include the unset items.

The -i switch treats the file as an ini file. You can specify an optional section name after the filename.


hsave users users.dat

This simple example just saves the hashtable users to a file called users.dat.

hsave -so users users.dat

That example would overwrite the file users.dat and show the output.

hsave -ia users users.ini myusers

This would add a new sections to users.ini called myusers and write the hashtable to it.