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Adds or removes an address from your ignore list.

/ignore [-lrpcntikdwxu#] <on|off|nick/address> [type] [network]

To turn ignoring on or off, use /ignore on or /ignore off.

The following switches will set the "ignore-type":

Switch Meaning
p ignores everything in private (private messages)
c ignores everything in a channel
n ignores notices
t ignores ctcp's
i ignores invites
k ignores every kind of control codes
d ignores dcc's

Note that if you do not specify one if these switches, the ignore will be for everything.

The meaning of the other switches:

Switch Meaning
u# will remove the ignore automatically after the specified seconds.
r will remove an ignore.
x will exclude the specified from ignores.
l will display your ignore list (which matches the specified switches).
w will make the ignore apply to every network.

To clear your entire ignore list, use the -r switch without address.

If you do not specify a type then only the users nickname is used. If you specify a type then the users address is looked up via the server.

Note that private messages won't be ignored if a query window is open.


ignore idiot*!*@*

This will put the address idiot*!*@* on your ignore list for every kind of actions.

ignore -r idiot*!*@*

This would remove the address idiot*!*@* from your ignore list.

ignore -r

This example would clear your entire ignore list.

ignore -nu30 idiot2*!*@*

With this command, you would ignore every pm from the address idiot2*!*@*, but only for 30 seconds.

ignore -ln

This would display all notice-ignores you currenty have.

See Also

  • $ignore to receive information about your ignore list.