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Lists currently available channels.

/LIST [#channel] [-MIN #] [-MAX #]

You can tell mIRC to show only channels with a minimum and a maximum number of people. If you specify a #channel then mIRC will only list information for that channel. If you specify wildcards, eg. *mirc* then mIRC will list all channels that contain the word mirc in them.

Note LIST does not return channels with modes +s or +p set unless you are on them or an irc operator.

Lists currently available channels with more control on QuakeNet and ircu servers with:

/LIST :[stop|<chan>|<parameters>]
Where parameters is a space or comma separated list of one or more of:
 <max_users    ; Show all channels with less than max_users.
 >min_users    ; Show all channels with more than min_users.
 C<max_minutes ; Channels that exist less than max_minutes.
 C>min_minutes ; Channels that exist more than min_minutes.
 T<max_minutes ; Channels with a topic last set less than max_minutes ago.
 T>min_minutes ; Channels with a topic last set more than min_minutes ago.
 pattern       ; Channels with names matching pattern. 
 !pattern      ; Channels with names not matching pattern. 
Note: Patterns may contain * and ?. You may only give one pattern match constraint.
 S             ; Show secret channels. (IRC Operator only)
 M             ; Show channel modes. (IRC Operator only)

Note: QuakeNet and ircu support server-side wildcard matching and the stop/parameter options. To use this and save on receiving a lot of unneeded information, you must precede the wildcard match with a #, e.g. #*help* will return any channel with the word help in it. If you do not precede the channel with a # mIRC's built in feature will grab all channels then mask out the channels you don't want, wasting a lot of time and resources.

Note: The parameters will not get sent correctly if you just type /list in mIRC, to prevent mIRC trying to parse your input you can send the command directly to the server using the /quote command.



Lists all available channels.

/list -min 5 -max 20

Lists all channels with between 5 and 20 users.

/list #help.script

Returns only information about channel #help.script.

/list *help*

mIRC will grab all the channels (same as /list ) then parse out the results to only show channels with the word help in either the channel name or the topic.

QuakeNet & ircu servers

/quote list #*help*

Lists all channels with the word help in it.

/quote list <3,>1,C<10,T>0,#a*  

Lists channels with 2 users, younger than 10 minutes, topic set and channel begins with #a

/quote list >100,#?on?.*

Lists channels with more than 100 users on which also match the wildcard mask of #?on?.*, eg. #5on5.css

/quote list >500,<1000,!#*.ro

List all channels with a userbase between 500 and 1000 users, do not include channels that end in .ro