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Adds or removes an address/nick to/from your protect list.

/aop [-rw] <on|off|nick/address> [#channel1,#channel2,...] [type] [network]

If you are on a channel and you have channel Op status, any users that match the nicknames in the protect list will be automatically protected. mIRC does this by kicking or de-opping anyone who tries to kick or de-op your protected users. Note that you can't actually prevent deopping/kicking, your mIRC just 'revenges' the deop/kick and ops the user again if he got deoped.

To turn the whole protection system on, use /protect on, to turn it off /protect off.

You can use the following switches:

Switch Meaning
r removes someone from the protection list
w makes the protection apply to every network

If you do not specify a type then only the users nickname is used. If you specify a type then the users address is looked up via the server.


protect Dana! #help.script

This would protect Dana in #help.script.

protect -r Dana!

This example would remove Dana from your protection list.

protect Dana 2

If you use this command, you would protect any user with the address *!* (as that's Dana's address) in every channel you are operator.

See Also

  • $protect to receive information about your protection list.