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Format:<source> 216 <target> [k|K] <host>|<ip>|$R<realname> "<reason>|!<file>" <user> 0 0

This is returned when using the STATS command "STATS K" request

  • With a file, prepending a '!' before the filename. The file can contain for example, a reason, a link to the
  • server rules and a contact address.
  • IP-based kill lines are designated with a lowercase 'k'. These lines use the same format as normal K: lines, except they apply to all hosts, even if an IP address has a properly resolving host name.
  • Additionally, you may specify a hostmask prefixed with $R to indicate a match should be performed against the "real-name" / "info" field instead of the host/IP.

irc.quakenet.org 216 Dana K * "Do not IRC as root" *root 0 0
irc.quakenet.org 216 Dana K unixbox.flooder.co.uk "!kline/youflooded.txt" *luser 0 0
irc.quakenet.org 216 Dana k 192.168.* "abuse" * 0 0
irc.quakenet.org 216 Dana K $R*sub7* "You are infected with a Trojan" * 0 0