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Format:<source> 319 <target> <nick> :<channels>

This is returned when using the WHOIS command
<channels> is a space seperated list of one or more channels channels are listed from newest to oldest as received by the server (joined by the user or bursted) in that order each channel is formatted as [-][!][@|+|<]<channel>

  • @ (+) means the user is opped (voiced) on the channel
  • < means the user is hidden on the channel (chanmode +D/+d)
  • ! for zombie

In ircu, if a user is kicked from the channel and the channel didn't become empty because of it, and the kick didn't come from the direction of the target's server, the user appears removed to other users, but internally the user stays in the channel as "zombie". It is then really removed when the "acknowledgement" PART is received. One reason for this is so mode changes done by the kick target just before he got kicked can apply because the server knows the user was in the channel with ops.

Taken from 'the "beware" P10 protocol definition' http://ircd.bircd.org/bewarep10.html

if the user has set usermode +d (deafmode) a '-' appears in front of all channels


irc.quakenet.org 319 Dana Dana :@#chan1 +#chan2 #chan3 <#chan4 !#chan5 !@#chan6
irc.quakenet.org 319 Dana Dana :-@#chan1 -+#chan2 -#chan3 -<#chan4 -!#chan5 -!@#chan6