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Format:<source> 354 <target> [<querytype>] [<channel>] [<user>] [<ip>] [<host>] [<server>] [<nick>] [<flags>] [<distance>] [<idle_time>] [<account>] [<oplevel>] [:<realname>]

This is returned when using the WHO command

  • [<channel>]
requested channel or last channel joined by the user without chanmode +p/+s
  • [<user>]
the username, nick!USER@host
  • [<ip>]
the user is connected from this IP
  • [<host>]
the hostname the user has on IRC, nick!user@HOST
  • [<server>]
which server the user is on
  • [<nick>]
the nick of the user
  • [<flags>]

the flags part is formatted as <H|G>[*][@+!<][<usermodes>]

the H stands for Here and is returned if the user is not marked as being away

the G means Gone and is returned if the user is marked as being away

the * is shown if the user is an IRC Operator

the prefixes the user has on <channel>, where @ = opped, + = voiced, ! = zombie, < = delayedjoin (note: more than one prefix can be shown, e.g. @+ if the user is both opped and voiced)

the [<usermodes>] part shows the usermodes the user has set

ordinary users can see d (deaf) and x (hiddenhost) modes (note: the x here is only shown if the user also has an account set, and thus has their host hidden with users.quakenet.org)

IRC Operators can also see i (invisible), w (wallops), g (debug), and h (sethost) modes

  • [<distance>]
number of servers between you and the user
  • [<idle_time>]
returns the user's idle-time if the user is using the same server as you
  • [<account>]
the user is registered under this account with the network (0 for none)
  • [<oplevel>]
the user's oplevel (0-999) on <channel>, "n/a" is shown when user is not opped, the real oplevel is only shown to channel operators and IRC operators, else oplevel 999 is shown
  • [:<realname>]
the user's realname

for more information on the WHO command see:

Example: irc.quakenet.org 354 Dana 544 #help.script Dana Dana.users.quakenet.org *.quakenet.org Dana G@x 3 0 Dana 999 :Dana