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Manipulates the display of the main mIRC window.

/showmirc <-mnrstxoplf>


-n - minimize - minimizes the main mIRC window.

-r - restore - restores the main mIRC window to its original size.

-s - show - brings the main mIRC window to the front.

-t - tray - minimizes the main mIRC window to the tray.

-x - maximize - maximizes the main mIRC window.

-o - on top - makes the main mIRC window always on top.

-p - not on top - stops main mIRC window from being always on top.

-m - minimize according to tray settings.

-f - full screen - makes main mIRC window on full screen.

-l - lock - can be used with the -nt switches to prevent mIRC from being restored without a password which is being set upon locking.