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Controls playing of audio files (.wav, .mid, or .mp3)

splay [-cwmpq] [filename | stop | pause | resume | seek | skip] [pos]
  • Switches
    • -w specifies a .wav file
    • -p specifies a .mp3 file
    • -m specifies a .mid file
    • -q adds the sound to the sound queue, and will play after the sounds in the queue before it are finished.
    • -c clears the sound queue

Note: If you do not use a switch to specify the file type, mIRC will try to guess based on the file extension

  • Parameters
    • First parameter
      • No command: Only works with the -c switch, to clear the sound queue.
      • Filename - If a file is given, this file will play or be added to the queue. You can use the "pos" parameter to start playing at a specific position
      • Stop - stops the currently playing sound. You may specify -mpw to stop only midi, mp3, or wave files respectively.
      • Pause - pauses the currently playing sound.
      • Resume - resumes the currently pause sound. Must be pause using /splay pause
      • Seek - skips to a position in the file
      • Skip - Skips the currently playing sound and moves to the next queued sound.
    • Second parameter
      • pos - used with /splay seek or /splay filename, seeks to this specific position in the file or the currently playing sound.

Note: seek pause and resume can only be used with mp3 files!


splay -p test.mp3 1000

Starts playing test.mp3 at position 1000

splay -q test.mp3

Adds test.mp3 to the sound queue

splay -c

Clears the sound queue

splay seek 1500

Moves to position 1500 in the currently playing sound

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