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Removes or displays the toolbar.

/toolbar [on|off]

The /toolbar command can be used to modify the mIRC toolbar.

/toolbar -aidmsxkNnNzNebwhyNurctplorf[sld] [N] <name/N> <tooltip> <picfile|@> [x y w h] [/alias] [popfile|@]

Switches and Parameters

-a = add button
-i = insert button at position [N]
-d = delete button at position [N] or <name>
-m = move button <name/N> to position [N]

-s = separator
-x = wide button

-kN = use when adding button to make it a check button
       check/uncheck with N = 1 or N = 0

-nN = icon index in picfile
-zN = icon size, 1 = small, 2 = large, 3 = actual

-eb = enable/disable button [N] or <name>
-wh = show/hide button [N] or <name>

-yN = set transparency (0 to 255) for button [N] or <name>

-u = update display immediately
-r = reset buttons
-c = clear all buttons

-f[sld] = load/save/delete settings in toolbar.ini file
          toolbar.ini is automatically loaded on startup

To update properties for an existing button:

-t = tooltip
-p = picfile
-l = alias
-o = popup

name = unique name assigned to button/separator, it cannot be a number.

tooltip = text displayed when the mouse hovers over button.

picfile|@ = picture filename or picture @window, min 16x16, max 256x256 pixels.

x y w h = position in bitmap and size of bitmap to use (not for use with icons).

/alias = command performed when button pressed, where $!1 = button name.

popupfile|@ = popup filename or @menu name.

The tooltip, picfile, alias and popup can be enclosed in quotes if necessary. To clear an item, can use "" empty quotes.

Note: Modifying some of the default mIRC buttons, such as Connect, Notify, etc. may not always work since they are managed by mIRC. They can however be deleted.


/toolbar -a Cow "Moo moo!" cow.bmp "/echo I am cow, hear my moo" @cow

The above command creates a button called "Cow" with the tooltip "Moo moo!" using the button picture cow.bmp. If the button is clicked, it will run the command "/echo I am cow, hear my moo", and if right-clicked, it will popup the menu @cow.

/toolbar -m 1 Cow

The above command will move the button named "Cow" to position 1 in the toolbar.

/toolbar -p Cow goat.bmp

The above command will change the picture on the button named "Cow" to "goat.bmp"

/toolbar -is 2 cowsep

The above command will insert a separator named "cowsep" (every button and separator you add to the toolbar must have a name) at position 2.